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The Challenge

Young Black women face the brunt of America's challenges and issues.


Rising home and rental prices have pushed many Black families out of Pasadena, and caused heightened economic stress for those families who wish to stay. As a direct result, the Black student enrollment in area schools has drastically declined.


With less Blacks in the community. the opportunity for positive representation and  mentorship for Black teens is scarce, leaving many to cope with their struggles in isolation.


African American teens are 20% more likely to experience mental health issues. Many of their stressors have increased with the pandemic and the heightened racial and political violence . Stress, low self-esteem, anger, anxiety, and depression are some of the outcomes teens battle when they are not provided culturally sensitive community support and mentorship at this critical developmental stage.


Often overlooked and underrepresented,  Black girls need protection and nurturing. Lack of support and alternative narratives, also leave Black girls at high risk for physical hardships such as early pregnancy, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence and sex trafficking.


The country relies on Black women as trailblazers, the backbone of society, while receiving little support. They are the hidden figures we are here to support.

Our Solution

Miss Black Pasadena (MBP) is a space for young black women to come together and grow in their self worth, educational, professional, and personal goals.


Proper representation and role models have been shown to significantly impact the futures of Black teens. Miss Black Pasadena is designed to celebrate the unique aesthetic of Black women and girls and provide a culturally sensitive space for Black girls to be nurtured.

How You Can Help

Miss Black Pasadena is expanding! We are seeking partners to help us increase scholarship awards, provide mentorship training, and continue to provide alternative ways to support young Black women in the San Gabriel Valley.

This year our goal is to raise $20,000 to increase our scholarship fund.

With your help, we can plant seeds today to reap a brighter tomorrow!

Our Partners
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